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-Comino – Gozo Boat Excursion-

-Full Day-

Includes swimming, snorkeling, and sightseeing



-Full Day Coastal Tour-

-Duration: Approx. 6.15hr.-

-Departure from Marfa: 09.40-                                                                        -Return to Marfa  16.00-

-Minimum no. of passengers: 16-                                                                  -Maximum no. of passengers: 21-


General Routes*

1- Irqieqa point

2- Taht il-Mazz

3- Crysal Lagoon**

4- Cominotto Caverns

5- Blue Lagoon**

6- il-Hnejja**

7- Blata tal-Halfa**

8- St. Marija Bay**

9- Ghamieri Arch

10- St. Marija caves**

11- Elephant Rock

12- Comino east coast (cliffs)

1- Comino east coast (cliffs)

2- Elephant Rock

3- St. Marija caves**

4- Ghamieri Arch

5- St. Marija Bay**

6- Blata tal-Halfa**

7- il-Hnejja**

8- Blue Lagoon**

9- Cominotto Caverns

10- Crystal Lagoon**

11- Taht il-Mazz

12- Irqieqa point

*Routes are subject to weather conditions

**Possible stops for swimming & snorkeling






   Terms and Conditions.

 -Decisions taken by the boat’s master are final and undisputable.

 -All payments must be finalized piror to the boat tour.

 -All passengers on board are expected to follow any instructions given by the master and crew.

 -The route may be altered, shortened or cancelled altogether if weather conditions are unfavourable.

 -All passengers on board are expected to behave sensibly and are personally responsible for their own safety and wellbeing.

 -Passengers responsible for damages to the vessel or other private property may be asked reimburse the cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged items.


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