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Article No.2:  What is Outdoor Education?


Here are a few definitions of Outdoor Education with an emphasis on Psycho-sociological parameters.



1. Outdoor Education is...

"The use of experiences in the outdoors for the education and development of the ‘the person as a whole’ (unknown)


2. Outdoor Education...

"Addresses all three domains of learning, the triad of knowledge, skills, and attitudes." (Phyllis Ford, 1981, Principles and Practices of Outdoor & Environmental Education)


3. Outdoor Education is...

A learning climate for the things which can be learned best outside the classroom. (Julian Smith, 1955, Outdoor Education and Youth, Washington, DC: AAHPER)


4. Outdoor Education is...

"The use of the outdoors for educational purposes.  Outdoor Education often involves small groups of people actively engaged in adventurous activities for personal growth under the guidance of an instructor or leader" (Neill, 2003, Outdoor Education Principles)


5. Outdoor Education is...

"An international, experiential education phenomenon which engages people in adventurous activities for enhancement of the well-being of individuals, communities, and the environment" (Neill 2002)







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