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 1. Camping & Hiking training course. (Lake District, UK):

This is a basic training course in camping and hiking. The course includes themes in Outdoor Education, camping, hiking, environmental education and team building. This programme includes hikes, workshops, camping, seminars and a hiking/camping trip to the Lake District in Britain.

Sample program here



 2. Journey Outdoors, the Highland experience:

An outdoor programme tailor-made for a group young people presently following post-secondary and tertiary level education. The programme includes camping, hiking, workshops and seminars about the outdoors and the natural environment and culture of the Scottish Highlands. The programme comes to an end with a camping and hiking trip to the Scottish Highlands in August 2010.



 3. Carpathian Paths:

An outdoor learning programme that uses the geography and history of the Carpathian mountain chain as operational tools to develop and learn about fundamental outdoor education themes. This programme includes lectures, workshops, hikes, seminars and a trip to a mountain locality part of the Carpathians.



 4. Volcanic & Glacier Neighbourhoods:

Originally developed within the concept of Island Connections, this outdoor programme has as its primary focus the island of Iceland with its' multitude of volcanoes and glaciers. The entire programme includes seminars and workshops together with outdoor events in preparation of an expeditionary trip to Iceland. The Iceland expedition envisages camping, hiking and cross-country walking.



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